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anthony carriere

an interesting mix of styles, but a common sensibility palpable in every shot.

anthony carriere's site (and his temporary portfolio) is crammed with interesting impressions of life in and around new orleans.

posted 20:23:41 12/07/2004

lithium picnic

philip warner's lithium picnic sports a fine array of models, and technically flawless photographs simply oozing sex appeal.

what more could you wish for?

posted 01:54:52 12/07/2004

10 eastern - found photos

"DISCLAIMER -  these were found by doing a search using p2p programs.  people share their own personal digital photos in their shared folders, i guess they put them there for friends or family to download or just select their whole my documents folder as shared."

browsing through the tons of images over at 10 eastern's found photos section, i couldn't help but feel a mixture of voyeurism and schadenfreude (because i'd assume that quite a large number of photos that have made it on this site were never intended for public consumption, and their being discovered can only be attributed to the stupidity of novice peer-to-peer users). a surreal mix of kitsch, posing and artsy photographs that is sure to shock and entertain...

posted 23:32:23 09/07/2004


"almost-daily photographic sketchbook from [mainly] san diego" by japanese born graphic designer tomo.

photomo presents us with a charming selection of colorful impressions, saturated with californian sunshine.

posted 02:09:56 09/07/2004

anything and everything

nicely constructed short on lomo photography, anything and everything, over at 120 seconds.

although i think that the whole "lomographic society" thing is a pure marketing exercise, and that these little russian pieces of plastic are highly overpriced now that they've been pushed as the cool gadget to have, it's undeniable that the images they create thanks to their bizarre optics are quite intriguing...

posted 01:13:07 08/07/2004
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