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comedie humaine: greg gorman

"Greg Gorman's work documents that peculiar obsession of the 20th century celebrity. [...] Each shot gives a picture of human nature in its infinite range."

slick site for LA based photographer Greg Gorman. it's a shame, though, that the portfolio section is restricted to potential and current clients.

posted 13:37:18 20/06/2004

scott haefner's kite aerial photography

"I’ve been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, and kite aerial photography (KAP) seemed like a natural progression. At least it did after my friend [...] convinced me that it isn’t completely ridiculous to suspend an $800 camera from a kite."

gorgeous aerial photography on scott haefner's site. also, don't miss his more traditional ground-based photos.

posted 23:57:24 15/06/2004

arounder lugano

...and just as i'm settling for the quicktime VR of bellinzona from the previous post, i stumbled across a great collection of 360 degree panorama of my very own town, lugano.

this certainly brings back nostalgic memories! more great immersive environments over at VRWAY Communication . stunning quality and detail there...

posted 00:38:17 15/06/2004 is a great collection of high quality, full-screen Quicktime VR immersive panoramas, curated by danish photographer hans nyberg.

i was particularly pleased to find a link to bellinzona's world heritage medieval castle, taking me back to my time in tessin (italian speaking part of switzerland).

posted 00:12:02 15/06/2004

a soldier in an army of citizen journalists

As journalists, I hope we are drawn to war because we believe in a power greater than barking guns. I hope we are there because we believe in almost any sacrifice that could reveal the horrible terror, the unspeakable concept of war. We do our part, but war never ends, just as no story ever ends. They are simply abandoned in sad exhaustion.

david leeson's photographic account of the war in iraq. stunning images with a bitter-sweet quality. more over at in the shadow of a gun.

posted 23:50:06 14/06/2004
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