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zabriskie point

"Zabriskie Point is a place for images that have recently fallen out of my camera. Words and meanings are few, I like the images to speak for themselves."

KIN industries' nick kilroy surreal photo journal, featuring an extremely pleasing, slick graphic design.

posted 01:04:44 08/07/2004

sleepy city

"Sleepy City is a photography site dedicated to the secrets of the city... your city [...] Discarded by society these interesting and historical sites wait quietly for the occasional urban explorer."

mysterious australian urban explorer dsankt offers us a glimpse into the surreal, hidden world that lies beneath and above our everyday lives.

posted 00:53:54 08/07/2004

low resolution

"I shoot most things with my aperture wide open and at slowish shutter speeds because I'm a sucker for super shallow DOF"

canadian (?) photographer davin risk's site, low resolution, is brimming with gorgeous imagery of awe-inspiring sharpness and focus...uplifting stuff.

posted 23:17:42 21/06/2004


brownglasses is the private site of rachel james, editor of a bit of everything, from the mundane to the outright surreal...and a slick site construction to boot.

i'm sure i'll be spending hours trawling through her list of links as well...

posted 21:38:35 21/06/2004

eye to eye with graham nash

good profile of graham nash - most commonly known for this musical career as part of crosby, stills & nash - and his long lasting passion for photography over at the spring issue of photomedia magazine.

some further images from nash's current collection, eye to eye, are available at his personal site,

posted 23:15:20 20/06/2004
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